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Annual wellness visits at Pflugerville OBGYN offer you the opportunity to learn about and improve your reproductive and sexual health. If you have questions or concerns, Pflugerville OBGYN provides answers and medical care to meet your needs. For routine well woman exams and screenings for reproductive and women’s health issues, schedule a visit online or call the Pflugerville, Texas, practice.

Wellness Visits Q & A

What is a well-woman exam?

A well-woman exam — or wellness visit — is a yearly checkup with the provider to review and discuss any changes to your health, including your sexual and reproductive health. Well-woman exams provide a chance to discuss contraception options or pregnancy plans, weight management, reproductive health, and healthy sexual relationships.

During your well-woman exam, the provider may perform any of the following tests, depending on your age and sexual history.

  • Weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Pelvic exam
  • Pap smear
  • Breast exam
  • Blood tests

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends basic health screenings and blood tests for women over the age of 13. If you are sexually active or have had sex with a new partner, the provider may include STD testing, if appropriate.

Why is a well-woman exam important?

Yearly well-woman exams offer a chance to discuss any concerns you may have about your sexual or reproductive health with the provider. You can also update any prescription medications you’re taking — including contraception or have long-term birth control options removed or replaced if needed.

If you’re planning to become pregnant, the team offers counseling to help you learn about your menstrual cycle, timing intercourse, and healthy lifestyle practices you can follow to support a healthy pregnancy. She can also help you manage conditions that make getting pregnant difficult, including polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis.

What happens during a pelvic exam?

The provider performs pelvic exams in women who are sexually active or those who are of childbearing age. During your pelvic exam, you’ll remove your pants and undergarments and wear a gown. The provider gently presses on your abdomen to check for areas of tenderness or discomfort.

Next,the provider positions you for an internal exam. She carefully places a device inside your vagina to open your vaginal canal and allow her to see inside. You’ll likely notice pressure when the speculum device is placed. The proivder then uses a long-handled cotton swab to brush the inside of your vagina and cervix to collect a tissue sample as part of your Pap smear.

The provider removes the speculum and you can get dressed. The entire procedure lasts less than 20 minutes and you can return to your normal activities the same day.

To schedule a wellness visit, call or book an appointment online at Pflugerville OBGYN now.